Sammamish River Trail

23 01 2009

Length: 10.9 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Bothell, WA to Redmond, WA


We rode bikes with the dogs along the Sammamish River Trail from NE 145th Street to NE 124th Street in Woodinville.  It was a very nice January day, so the trail was quite busy, however, it’s a wide, paved trail, so there was plenty of room for all users.  There is grass along both sides of the paved trail, so you can let your dog run in the grass, while still riding your bike on the paved area. Once you are on the trail, it’s pretty straight, so there aren’t worries about maneuvering with your dog around tight corners.

Going south on the trail, on a clear day, you can see a great view of Mount Rainier.



2 responses

27 01 2009

So, did Steve see any khute girrrrrls?


31 01 2009

That’s one thing I miss about the PNW… lots of trails with fantastic scenery.

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